Goodbye January & Hello February

Sunday, February 05, 2017

I was super happy to say goodbye to January, it's my least favourite month of the year for so many reasons, I’m not going to list them as I don’t want to get all negative nelly on you, but I am super happy that we are into February. Spring will be here before we know it!! 

What I have wanted to do is to start sharing with you what I have been up to each month, and I thought my blog was the best place to do that, I also thought it would be good for me to look back at the end of year and realise all the new things I have done and fears I may have conquered. I think these will be long posts, so get comfy with a yummy (healthy) snack and read away.

Soo where do I start, January was a long one which means quite a lot has happened. At the start of the month Jed and I went to London to do some shopping but to also go to the top of the Orbit and go down the slide, this was soo much fun not to mention a tad chilly, but well worth the £15. I would defiantly recommend it and for those who are scared of heights, let me reassure you, you don’t realise how high you are.

We had a great couple of days and it was nice to get away just after Christmas and get some fresh air in our lungs (if you can call London air fresh).

Next I got my hair coloured, this might not seem like anything new but I decided to go a lot lighter and have some white/silver tones through my hair, which I wasn’t too sure about at first but I really like it now. I have had lots of compliments and I think it compliments my skin tone well, which I am super happy about.

Then… we booked a HOLIDAY!!! This is a great time of year to book a holiday, there are loads of deals about and it means we have something to look forward to. Jed and I have booked a week away in June to Mykonos, Greece. I wasn’t sure I would do another European sunny holiday again, but we have found such a beautiful hotel, I couldn’t say no, and I have always wanted to see the white buildings with blue roof tops and eat loads of Greek Yogurt and Hummus. I will for sure be vlogging, and I might even attempt a look book if I’m brave enough. 

On a more work related note I have started a new course which is in Advice and Guidance, this will be going into the summer so not too long. It is something I have gone back and forth with but I have decided to do the qualification as I think it will help in the future. My teacher has said that she is going to try and finish the course sooner, which would be AWESOME if I could get it done before the holiday. Keep your fingers crossed for me guys that I get this done by then.

Finally that last thing that happened for me last month was that I got invited to a Benefit Cosmetics event in London for a YouTube Master class with Freddy My Love which was great. This really took me out of my comfort zone as I don’t like getting long train journeys on my own; and going to an event on my own where I didn’t know anyone, and I had never got an UBER before which I was nervous about (might seem pathetic but it was a big deal for me) but it was totally worth it. Freddy was lovely and gave me some good tips and made me feel like I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself. It was a great event and I’m really looking forward to going to future Benefit events. I also got to meet another blogger which was nice I will link her blog here. Meeting people that do the same thing I do is really nice, I can’t always share my YouTube/blog life with my friends as I wouldn’t want to bore them, so it was brilliant meeting people with the same passion as me.  

Writing this does make me think that a lot can happen in a month, and if I have another 12 months of activity and adventure like this one, I think it’s going to be a pretty fabulous year. Let me know what you got up to in January and what your plans are going to be for this month. 


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